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What should I call my Noob Academy Server?


Please vote for what I should rename my Noob Academy Server to. I feel like the current name might discourage newbies from coming because who likes being called a noob?

"Become a Pro!" might drag some considerable attention.

I kind of like Noob Academy Server. If you are aiming for the Noob, you kind of have to aim for someone who knows he is a Noob. Frankly I still consider myself a Noob.

I have the quandry that I don't want the cheats but I do want the basics taught. Most Noobs do google searches on the worlds "Walk Through" and "Cheat."
If you want hits, "Minetest Cheat Walkthrough" server may be the title. It is however the title that would have kept me away. "Minetest Tutorial" is the sort of thing that would attract me. I also like, "Become a Pro."

Alight, I think I'll be renaming the server to Become a Pro! Thanks MineYoshi, otter, and the invisible voter xD


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