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Does anyone else have a collection of mods that they use for themselves, but don't really want to try to explain them to others?

I keep a few mods going just to try silly things out. Some of them I decide I like and keep. Some I don't share because I have to alter things in the basic game to make them work. Others are ripped off from someone who made a mod that is almost right, but not quite.

For example, I really like mine_it_all, but it is really buggy when you use it and something is falling. I keep trying to modify it, but I have not managed to make it stable.

I really like remove_unknown, but I have modified it for my own tastes. I don't think my modification is worth foisting on the rest of the world, but I like it. (Easy access, a default size and a more interesting replacement)

Oh, no. This is on topic. I am getting banned for sure. Since that is inevitable let me be the first to say, "In before the lock!" Great, right when I need a minetest emoticon for eating popcorn, I notice that there isn't one. I suppose we need a mod that adds popcorn to the game before we can really add the emoticon.

I have a Kumamon Flower mod, i just like to mess out with these sometimes.

Welcome to the forums!

I have plenty of personal mods that I don't share xD

I have got Big Test modpack that does not exist in the Minetest forum. It is not finished modpack. Also i plan to add many things there.


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