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Re: Game Ideas
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:46:08 pm »
I agree, a story is needed. Stories happen even if don't have a story, but without the right pressures and forces, the story does not end up as good.

The most fun I have had with Minetest was when I was trying it out and playing without looking at cheats. First it was stupid frustrating. I finally decided to look to see what others were doing, but I didn't want any cheats. Then the moment I had built a nice set of resources I got lost. Making a series of roads and bridges and markers to overcome the issues was a lot of fun. I had a need and it was hard.

Then I decided to read and see what I had missed. So many ways to deal with all of the issues and my ignorance. Getting rid of ignorance was good but it turned a game that could be started over and keep tension for probably twenty hours of play into a game that kept tension for at most six. Add monsters in and the tension can go for a good ten hours, and the game may take twelve hours, but five of those hours are spent doing things in the most inefficient way possible. It gets tired. The curve is really poor as well. You are either helpless around monsters or you only fear them when they are suddenly attacking and you can't figure out where they are.

There is a mod that I saw, but I have not tried that makes mobs stronger when they are further from 0-0-0. I need to try it. It may end up being a good solution to some of the issues.
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